Working Smarter is the Margin of Victory

Working Smarter is the Margin of Victory
James Fisfis
President and CEO, Chariot Campaigns

As with many things in politics, success means maintaining a balance. Chariot’s integrated, analytics-driven approach to campaigns is a product of balancing and integrating two primary sources of knowledge: our learned experience from 25 years in U.S. and international campaigns, and our ongoing dedication to understanding the future technologies and voter analytics trends that will shape campaigns to come.

These days technology and changing world events require that as a general consultant you must monitor not only every daily aspect of your current campaigns, but also the newest developments in efficiencies that are developing all the time. We are constantly engaged in staying abreast of these advances and making them work for our clients. We use this edge in expertise as an advantage to win the most difficult campaigns.

Our approach to staying at the forefront of general consulting is to constantly be seeking those individual advantages and efficiencies that add up to victories especially in tight races or difficult races to win. There are very few Hail Marys in politics, but if you can out work and out think your adversaries you give your client the best possible chance to win. 

Each edition of The Chariot Edge blog will be dedicated to discussing one of those advantages or tactics you can put to use in your campaign. We believe that putting in the extra attention to technologies and analytics is the core of working smarter, which is usually the margin of victory.