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Leadership and
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Chariot provides general consulting and strategic leadership for ballot measures, political action committees, nonprofits and NGO’s, public affairs advocacy campaigns, social media campaigns, and candidate campaigns. Chariot’s clients expect to win on the toughest political battlegrounds. For two decades, they’ve hired Chariot specifically because we know how to leverage the latest in strategy and voter analytics to give our clients every edge to win the biggest fights. When it comes to using analytics to move public opinion and win campaigns, were the best in our field.
Media and
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Chariot’s customized approach to analytics-driven communications strategy and high impact advertising gives our clients the winning edge. Chariot has won multiple national awards for best in class strategy, tactical innovation, TV, digital and direct mail. Every word of copy is crafted and every visual designed to resonate with your audience’s core values, to win first their hearts, then change their minds. The result: the race is won.
Research and
Due Diligence
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Chariot provides customized political due diligence and opposition research as well as reputation defense projects for high-profile individuals, political entities, corporations and law firms.
Chariot has two decades of quantitative and qualitative electoral research experience in the U.S. and abroad for political and public affairs campaigns.
Voter Data and
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Chariot provides its clients access to the most powerful voter analytics tool and targeting solution in politics and public affairs. Our proprietary voter data solution looks beyond partisanship and ideology to the core drivers of voter decision-making. It’s an unfair advantage, one your campaign can’t afford to do without. Contact us to learn how your campaign or organization can access Chariot’s voter analytics tool.


To serve our clients and their stakeholders as the premier research-driven professional advocacy agency for advancing and empowering the causes and efforts of change leaders in the United States and around the world. We accomplish our mission by providing strategic vision and detailed execution for opinion-shaping campaigns that make a positive difference.


Be brave in our advocacy. Empower beliefs. Take on tough causes. Back the underdog. Resist the mob. Relish a challenge. Invest ourselves. Compete with integrity. See around corners. Anticipate. Out think and out prepare. Follow through for clients. Invest in details. Do the unexpected.







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Mon Jun 7 2021

The June 2021 presidential election in the Islamic Republic of Iran is poised to deliver new sets of challenges internationally, as the West…

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